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Our Strategies

Money does not grow on trees. This timeless adage best exemplifies the process of building wealth. Acquiring, increasing and ultimately, enjoying the benefits of money are the result of careful planning and concerted effort. At V&E Wealth Management, it is our strategy that sets us apart from other financial consulting firms. We recognize that each client is unique, with different goals and challenges. As a result, we implement a finely-tuned planning process to understand your current situation and determine what you want to accomplish. Only after these priorities are well-defined will we recommend a road map toward success. Most importantly, we strongly believe in a client partnership and will provide the information and tools to keep you informed and active in pursuing your financial goals.

We also realize that life is unpredictable. Goals and circumstances can change in an instant. And, when goals change, the financial plan to work toward them will change. Our strategy is to keep your financial plan connected to your goals every step of the way. Quite simply, you will never feel like your only connection to us is a quarterly statement – our success is not measured by statistics, but rather by our clients’ financial success.  

Another differentiating characteristic of V&E Wealth Management is its unique approach to asset allocation. As an independent wealth management firm, we are not associated with any specific investments or financial products; therefore, are able to combine traditional and alternative asset classes with alternative strategies; with the ultimate goal to manage risk and to meet your objectives. We believe it is important not to rely solely on the stock market to reach your financial goals. The bottom line is we are dedicated to assisting our clients in pursuing their goals and ensuring that they do not assume unnecessary risk along the way. Unlike a financial planner, we focus on your total wealth:

  • Strategies to reduce taxes
  • Strategies that seek to reach financial goals
  • Strategies that seek to achieve legacy goals
  • Strategies that seek to preserve wealth

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