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V&E Wealth Management believes strongly in educating clients to make well-informed decisions regarding their financial futures. To help accomplish this, we provide industry news, market analysis and financial information in our weekly Virtus View and quarterly newsletter; as well as our own newsworthy announcements.

> The Virtus View
03/30/2017 Do You Need Disability Insurance?

02/28/2017 Why Benchmarking Against the S&P is a Losing Proposition

02/16/2017 When Will I Get My Tax Documents?

01/25/2017 2017 Outlook

01/10/2017 Bond Laddering - Investment Strategy for Rising Interest Rate Environment

12/15/2016 The Basics of Tax Loss Harvesting

12/02/2016 Last Call for RMD's

11/10/2016 Where Do We Go From Here Now That The Election Is Over?

11/01/2016 Presidents Change, Investing Does Not

10/20/2016 The Effect of Alternative Investments on a Portfolio

07/27/2016 How Efficient Is Your Money?

06/28/2016 What is BREXIT and Why Should We Care?

06/07/2016 Don't Be THE Target

05/05/2016 Politics And Your Portfolio: Is There A Relationship?

03/03/2016 Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts: A New Breed of Annuity

02/05/2016 Social Security Changes

01/14/2016 Balancing Confidence and Volatility

01/01/2016 What to Expect from Virtus Views in 2016

12/11/2015 Open Enrollment Season

09/29/2015 A Closer Look at HSA's and FSA's

09/02/2015 Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits

07/21/2015 Is Your Trust Going To Cost You Thousands In Taxes?

06/11/2015 Is Debt Free The Way To Be?

05/19/2015 Permanent Life Insurance: A Tax Advantaged Savings Vehicle

04/01/2015 Has the Market Peaked?

05/02/2014 The Absolute Regarding Variable Annuities

04/10/2014 Understanding Business Cycles and Their Impact on Stock Performance

03/14/2014 Important Tax Information

02/23/2014 The Dangers of Huge Returns

02/07/2014 Market Corrections are the Norm

01/24/2014 2014 Outlook

09/09/2013 Where to Invest in Rising Interest Rate Environments

08/26/2013 Strategies for Bonds in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

08/15/2013 Interest Rates Rising, Bond Prices Falling…What Now?

08/01/2013 Safe Withdrawal Rate

07/25/2013 Federal Reserve Chairman

06/05/2013 Fiscal Cliff

05/28/2013 Terrific Tuesday

05/21/2013 Market Stalling

04/17/2013 Boston Marathon Tragedy

10/29/2012 DejaVu All Over Again

06/15/2012 Why the Greece Vote is Important to the U.S.A.

06/01/2012 The Gold Myth

05/04/2012 Knowing Your Options for Social Security Benefits

04/20/2012 Do You Like Your Dividend Paying Stocks?

04/05/2012 Is There Really Such a Thing as a Riskless Investment That Increases Income?

03/02/2012 Top 2012 Tax Strategies

02/24/2012 Top Two Rules of Investments

02/17/2012 Are Bonds Dead?

02/10/2012 Facebook a New Friend to Your Portfolio?

01/27/2012 Inflation, Deflation or Stagflation?

01/13/2012 2012 Outlook - Storms Are Not Over But Clear Skies Ahead

12/16/2011 Why You Should Care About the Euro

11/18/2011 Seeing the Positives in the Current Market

11/04/2011 Invest With Your Head, Not Your Heart

10/21/2011 Where to Place Your Money in Volatile Times

10/04/2011 The Year Ahead for the Market

09/08/2011 A Tale of Two Markets

08/10/2011 S&P Downgrades the U.S. - Time for Fear or Calm?

08/05/2011 Important Tax Information

07/27/2011 Our View on the Debt Ceiling

07/18/2011 The Tax Relief That Never Happened For Income Investors

03/18/2011 The Japanese Crisis and the Impact on the Markets

03/04/2011 Gold, Silver and Other Metals; Why the Fuss?

01/06/2011 The 6 Top Things to Watch for in 2011

11/19/2010 Printing Money: How Does It Affect Me?

03/12/2010 Risk Versus Reward

02/26/2010 Risk Versus Reward

01/29/2010 Is The Bull Market Over?

01/22/2010 Ambac Problems

01/15/2010 Time To Ring In 2010!

11/25/2009 Happy Thanksgiving

11/23/2009 You Can Make A Difference In A Child's Life, NOW Is The Time To Give Back

10/02/2009 The Baltic Dry Index; What is it and Why it is Important to Investors

09/18/2009 VIRTUS VIEW 9.18.09

06/20/2009 VIRTUS VIEW 6.20.09

03/31/2009 VIRTUS VIEW 3.31.09

03/18/2009 VIRTUS VIEW 3.18.09

03/06/2009 VIRTUS VIEW 3.06.09

02/27/2009 VIRTUS VIEW 2.27.09

02/12/2009 VIRTUS VIEW 2.12.09

01/27/2009 VIRTUS VIEW 1.27.09

01/07/2009 VIRTUS VIEW 1.07.09

12/03/2008 VIRTUS VIEW 12.03.08

11/21/2008 VIRTUS VIEW 11.21.08

11/07/2008 VIRTUS VIEW 11.07.08

10/20/2008 VIRTUS VIEW 10.20.08

10/17/2008 VIRTUS VIEW 10.17.08

10/10/2008 VIRTUS VIEW 10.10.08

10/03/2008 VIRTUS VIEW 10.03.08

10/01/2008 VIRTUS VIEW 10.01.08

09/26/2008 VIRTUS VIEW 9.26.08

09/18/2008 VIRTUS VIEW 9.18.08

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