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Accredited Investor Syndicate

Select clients are invited to join an exclusive group called the “Accredited Investor Syndicate,” which is comprised of high net worth individuals who meet the qualifications defined by the SEC and FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) to be considered “accredited investors.”

What is the Accredited Investor Syndicate? 

The Accredited Investor Syndicate is an exclusive group of investors who have net worth greater than $1 million, or annual income over $200,000 for an individual or $300,000 for a couple. 

Why is the Accredited Investor Syndicate so important? 

Members of the Accredited Investor Syndicate are qualified to review investments that the average investor does not have access to. In addition, it provides an opportunity for high net worth individuals to network with one another.  

Why can’t everyone participate in the Accredited Investor Syndicate? 

The SEC and the FINRA mandate that investors meet requirements for net worth or net income before being eligible to review certain types of investments.  Those who meet these requirements are deemed to be “accredited investors.” 

Many investment opportunities, including some IPOs, certain real estate and oil and gas investments and futures programs, are only available to the accredited investor.   

If you believe that you qualify as an accredited investor and would like more information on the V&E Wealth Management Accredited Investor Syndicate, we invite you to contact us for a free brochure explaining the exclusive syndicate in more detail.

Please note:  Because of the strict guidelines governed by the SEC and FINRA, only those clients who are qualified as “accredited investors” can become members of the Accredited Investor Syndicate.


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